Gift ideas to make your musician loved one happy this holiday season! If you, like many others, are confused or just want some advice on what to get your guitarist friend/signifiant other - then this article will be for you.

Picture Provided by BenjaminJayMusic.com

Picture Provided by BenjaminJayMusic.com

In this article I will provide ten gift ideas with ranging price points from $10.00 - $200.00. More importantly, I will provide the ‘why’ or pro tips on why the certain product or service is a great idea.

I hope these spark ideas for your shopping endeavors this holiday season. 🎶

$15.00 or Less

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

  1. Gruv Gear Fret Wrap(s) • Starting at $11.99 • Prime Eligible

    ‘Fretwraps’ make for wonderful presents and come in under $15.00 on amazon. You can find a link to them here. I personally own this item and can safely recommend this to you.

    Fret wraps are more popular within the bass community but have been increasing in popularity within the guitarist community over the past few years. Make your loved one feel and look like all of the other Instagram artists with this thoughtful gift. They will be impressed just by you knowing what one of these are, I assure you.

    What Do They Actually Do?

    Fretwraps have been in use for quite a longtime, typically artists of previous generations just used hairbands, scrunchies, tied up bandanas, or anything else that would get the job done. The job: To dampen the strings imitating ‘palm muting’ techniques. It’s a multipurpose tool that could be used for recording to assisting in cleaner tone while helping eliminate accidental open strings or to assist with techniques such as ‘tapping’ or funk guitar. One thing to watch out of is size. You should be aware that FretWraps are not a one size fits all deal, I would recommend ‘SM’ or ‘MD’ for guitarists.

Official Product Description:

Provided by Amazon.

… “FretWraps is a pro string dampener/muter that helps gets rid of noise and overtones from string vibrations and harmonics, instantly cleaning up the sound of the notes being played. Great for two-handed tapping, slapping, and other techniques where you may not always be able to mute with your hands, but also for cleaner takes at the studio or live. The adjustable strap lets you fine-tune the pressure and dampening of the strings. Quickly slides over the headstock when not in use, and features all soft materials that won’t damage your instrument. No special guitar modification, installation, or tools required - Yet amazingly effective. Used by top players including Guthrie Gavan, Andy James, Nick Johnston, Andrew Gouache, Anthony Wellington, Norm Stockton, Bubby Lewis and more.”

2. Online Course(s) Christmas Sales • Instant Access • Can Be Purchased As a Gift

I just want to start off by saying this is a slippery slope. But if you navigate through the abyss of current sales happening online, you may strike gold a save quite a bit of money.

Picture Provided by TrueFire

Picture Provided by TrueFire

As a guitarist, your loved one most likely has influences and their own specific way of playing music. They undoubtedly have musicians they strive to be like or have areas of their musicianship they’d like to work on. Typically any form of education is associated with high costs but during the holiday sale(s) events of the ‘big’ online educators - this may enable you to buy not just one course, but two - or even three for $15.00.


If you don’t know anything about guitar or music in general this gift option is still a viable idea. Just simply ask your loved one some of these basic questions:

… “Who have you been listening to lately?”

… “What have you been practicing this year?”

… “Who are some of your favorite guitarists/musicians?”

I’d just like to state that if you’d like to keep this a total surprise - most websites (if not all) offer small introductory videos about the courses that showcase what the student will be learning and some of the performance pieces (if any). Simply just watch some of those that are on sale (or not on sale) and purchase the one you’d think would be best.

Which Websites?

Picture Provided by JamTrack Central

Picture Provided by JamTrack Central

This is a vast, yet important question to ask. There are so many websites that will offer Christmas sales - just one simple google search should give you a plethora of online shops to sift through. I will recommend two sights that are widely known as the ‘big two’ which are JamTrack Central and True Fire. True Fire usually offers $5.00 quick sales throughout the holidays so I would start my search there if I were you.

$35.00 or Less

3. Music Nomad MN207 Premium Instrument Work Mat and Cradle Cube Neck Support • $32.99 • Prime Eligible

Picture Provided by Music Nomad

Picture Provided by Music Nomad

This is one of those items that most musicians do without but wish they had. Truly, if your loved one doesn’t have a neck cradle of any sort, you are gifting them a ‘game changer’ type of gift.

What’s a Neck Cradle?

A neck cradle is headstock support during any maintenance or repair(s) to your instrument. The ‘work mat’ provided in this bundle from Music Nomad is essentially a yoga mat for guitars or string instruments in general. You can find a link to the exact product here.

No more changing strings on the bed or jerry rigging pillows and towels that slide around on table tops while trying to change strings.

Buying options:

Picture Provided by Music Nomad

Picture Provided by Music Nomad

You can opt to just buy the neck cradle for $19.99 if you’re looking to save money. A link to just the neck cradle can be found here. That being said, I highly recommend spending just a little more and getting the work mat + neck cradle combo. There are also other brands that sell similar items so don’t be afraid to look around the music store or Amazon to find a different one. I personally own this item and can safely recommend this to you.

Official Product Description:

Provided by Amazon:

… “Music Nomad’s Premium Work Mat and 5-in-1 Cradle Cube neck support will help you do repairs and maintenance on your string instrument safely and securely. Laying your instrument on a towel or directly on a hard surface may cause it to become damaged, but the large, high-performance work mat is made specifically for musical instruments. Developed using a special biodegradable TPE material that is safe on all finishes, the work mat is odorless and contains no rubber, PVC, lead, latex, dioxins, or chloride, and the unique closed-cell construction makes it chemical and bacteria resistant. The specially designed, textured, anti-slip surface provides traction while you work, and is durable yet soft to help avoid scratching your prized instrument. The Cradle Cube neck support features five varying heights and angles, providing the perfect companion to the work mat for doing repairs and maintenance. Made of an innovative gel material, the Cradle Cube gently yet fully supports either side of the neck. Music Nomad has developed a better way to work on your musical instrument.”

4. All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Ninth Edition [Hard Cover] • $19.99 • Prime Eligible

Some books find their way on the most musician’s bookshelves. Donald Passman’s brilliant book is one of them. I personally own this book (and many other music business books) and can highly recommend it. You can find a link to the book here.

Give the gift of “please don’t go broke chasing your dreams” this holiday season!

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Buying Options:

There is a distinct chance that your loved one may already own this book so please be aware of that. I will have other books I recommend in upcoming articles/blogs so I recommend subscribing down below so you know when they go live.

Another important note to take: You can buy this book digitally, but it oddly costs more [$23.99]. I don’t recommend that personally because I like taking notes, highlighting, and physically flipping pages. If you know your loved one prefers digital books - here is the link to a digital copy [kindle] here.

Official Product Description:

Provided by Amazon:

… “The industry bible” (Los Angeles Times), now updated, essential for anyone in the music business—musicians, songwriters, lawyers, agents, promoters, publishers, executives, and managers—trying to navigate the rapid transformation of the industry. Whether you are—or aspire to be—a performer, writer, or executive, veteran music lawyer Donald Passman’s comprehensive guide is an indispensable tool. He offers timely, authoritative information from how to select and hire a winning team of advisors and structure their commissions and fees; navigate the ins and outs of record deals, songwriting, publishing, and copyrights; maximize concert, touring, and merchandising deals; understand the digital streaming services; and how to take a comprehensive look at the rapidly transforming landscape of the music business as a whole.”

5. MXR 6 Inch Right Angle Pancake Guitar Patch Cables for Effects Pedals, 6 Pack • $34.99 • Prime Eligible

Diving deeper into the rabbit hole we now enter the ‘gear abyss’ or the darkest corners of being a guitarist. Welcome to the land of guitar pedals, pedal gear, pedal accessories, and pedal life.

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Before you commit to purchasing this gift idea, please make sure that the guitarist/musician you are buy this for actually owns and uses pedals. More information on what pedals are in further gift ideas down below.

If you are aware of their pedal ownership - this is a quite thoughtful gift even if the guitarist/musician doesn’t have immediate need for them. Every guitarist is well aware of how quickly cables go bad so having these in their pedal case or at home will save them a headache down the road. You can find the link to these exact cables here. These cables are good and not ridiculously over priced for the quality - I personally have two MXR patch cables on my board.

What are 1/4 inch right angled patch cables?

For the sake of time I am just going to explain what patch cables are so you can just trust me that 1/4’ cables are the correct size to purchase. Patch cables are small sized cables that connect pedals together on a ‘pedal board’. So if mom or dad are reading this - you basically need these cables for everything to work properly; these cables since they are used so much, often go bad and need replacing. There are books on pedal theory on how you should daisy chain things together or the specific order of pedals on a board but that is not important for us right now. What is important is that this will be quite useful to any gigging guitarist with a pedal board.

Cheaper options?

Here are some great alternatives if you’re looking to save money and time with Amazon:

$80.00 and under


6. Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal • $68.99

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Electro-Harmonix happens to be one of the pedal companies that just seems to make pedals that the general and professional circuits love. For the tone packed in to this pedal, I would put this into the more ‘bang for your buck’ category over cheaper distortion pedals in this price range. While the ‘Soul Food’ is not stocking stuffer price, it is stocking stuffer size, which is the added bonus towards the guitarist since the pedal does not take up much real estate on the actual pedal board itself. You can find a link to the product on Amazon here.

Official Product Description:

Provided by Electro-Harmonix:

… “Tone aficionados kept telling EHXs Mike Matthews about a pedal that had achieved a lot of buzz because it was only obtainable at an exorbitant price. That pedal was the KLON CENTAUR.A believer in bringing great tools to starving musicians, Mike tasked his trusty team to create an affordable alternative, and that is how the SOUL FOOD was cooked up. The SOUL FOOD delivers transparent overdrive with great touch and response. Its circuitry features boosted power rails to provide abundant headroom and increased definition. Best of all, you don't have to be a rock star to own one! Features/Specs: Transparent overdrive Boosted power rails for extended headroom and definition Super responsive Compact, rugged design Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass modes 9.6DC-200 power supply included. Also runs on 9 Volt battery.”

7. MONO Betty ‘Betty’ Guitar Strap • $49.99 • Prime Eligible

Your loved one may already own a guitar strap - but as my old music teacher once said… “ Women have purses, guitarists have guitar straps".”.

A link to the ‘Betty’ guitar strap on Amazon can be found here.

Pictured Provided by MONO

Pictured Provided by MONO

I personally own this strap for several reasons. First being that it came in two sizes [small and large] so I could pick the one that fits my body type better than a company only offering one size of their strap. My second reason is the build and weight distribution the strap offers on my shoulder/back. A lot of guitarist will pick their guitar strap based on aesthetics over function. In my own personal opinion this product offers both for a fair price. One thing to note is that any purchase from an authorized dealer (Guitar Center, Amazon, Sweet Water, etc) results in a three year warranty! This is great for a clean conscience during heavy use.

Give the gift of having a slightly less messed up back this holiday season!

Official Product Description:

Provided by BandLabs LLC.

… “One Strap to Rule Them. All In 2007 we set out to design a guitar strap, aimed at providing the ultimate playing experience, to act as the on-stage counterpart to our M80 guitar cases. The Betty was born, taking comfort to a whole new level, and making heavy instruments feel light as air. With its minimalist design and rugged build, the Betty Strap demands to be both seen and worn. The wide wale design distributes the weight of heavy instruments. A thin memory-foam core provides luxurious comfort. The smooth Neoprene underbelly lets the shoulder breathe and slides nicely across your shirt and skin. A hidden "pick pocket" houses an emergency stash. Go Play. All Betty Straps feature matte black steel hardware and are available in 3 custom materials: Sharkskin (Jet Black or Steel Grey), Dura weave (Ash) and Ultra-suede (Smoke or Clay).The Sharkskin finish is used on our M80 and EFX cases - a waterproof material with a stealthy hi-tech feel. The Dura weave is new to our collection - a hard-wearing woven textile with an industrial look. The Ultra-suede finish is also new to our collection - a supple and luxurious material with a suede-like feel. (This one costs a few bucks extra.)Features. Wide wale design distributes weight of heavy instruments .Memory foam core increases circulation and reduces fatigue .Neoprene underbelly reduces friction and allows for airflow against skin .Hidden "pick pocket" .Adjustable length .Steel hardware Fits standard bass and guitar strap pins. Available in two adjustable sizes (pin to pin): Long (47"-59") this is the standard size Short (40"-46") 3 year warranty.”

8. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone • $79.99 • Prime Eligible

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Picture Provided by Amazon Inc.

Upgrading your loved one’s headphone game will always be a good gift idea regardless if they’re a musician or not. Good headphones are needed by any guitarist even if they do not record at home. Headphones are important to take to sessions, practice rooms, and many more situations guitarists/musicians will find their self in. It’s easy to go crazy spending absurd amounts of money on headphones but I think for the price the Sony MDR7506 will do just fine. You can find a link to the product on Amazon here.


  • Closed-Ear Design

  • Folding Construction

  • Stereo Unimatch Plug

  • Gold Connectors and OFC Cord

Official Product Description:

Provided by Amazon Inc. & Sony Corp.

… “Sony MDR7506 Professional Stereo Headphones are ideal for sound monitoring in recording studios, radio, film production, video, electronic news gathering - and virtually any application where high quality sound is required. The closed-ear design MDR-7506 is outrageously popular in pro and home recording studios. It features a rugged design, convenient folding construction, 40mm driver units, gold connectors and a professional-quality OFC (oxygen free copper) cord. Sony 7500 Series headphones offer a practical range of choices for everyone from the casual user to the studio pro. These include the MDR-7506 which is lauded by many professional studios and broadcasters. Features Rugged Design: Proven to be reliable in the toughest situations Folding Construction: Compactness in storage 40mm Driver Unit: For clear, high quality sound reproduction Closed-Ear Design: Comfort and reduction of external noise interference Stereo Unimatch Plug: 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch applications Gold Connectors and OFC Cord: Reliable and stable signal connection and transmission Supplied Soft Case: Protective storage AmericanMusical is an authorized dealer of Sony products.”

$150.00 - $200.00

9. Boss RC-3 Loop Station and Boss PSA-120S2 Power Supply • 189.99 • Prime Eligible

A loop pedal is usually a milestone in an aspiring musician’s journey. This allows the musician to instantly playback what they just played to add layers via built in drums or more guitar/instrument. Loop pedals can be used for practicing, preforming, or songwriting. A link to the RC-3 on Amazon can be found here.

Pictured Provided by Amazon Inc.

Pictured Provided by Amazon Inc.

What’s a power supply and why do I need that?

Simply put, the power supply powers the pedal through wall outlet. It’s not 100% needed because the pedal can be run off of 9v battery power but most people usually end up purchasing a power supply out of convenience. If your loved one has a pedal board they can easily power this pedal with the onboard power supply they have.

This is an expensive loop pedal.

If you are shopping online you can find other brands selling their loop pedals or ‘stations’. Some are really good and very user friendly with a much lower price tag. I recommend the RC-3 because I have personal use with this pedal and I love how well the pedal works, its durability, and the drums it came with preloaded. You can also save your loops and upload them to a computer for storage or recording purposes. I will link the cable down below as well.

Official Product Description:

Provided by Amazon Inc.

… “The RC-3 is powerfully equipped yet conveniently housed in a compact pedal. Enjoy up to three hours of stereo recording time, storage for 99 loops, a “real drums” rhythm guide, and USB 2.0 compatibility all in a small BOSS stompbox. Bundle includes Boss PSA-120S2 Power Supply.”

10. Logic Pro X Version 10.4.3 • $199.99 • Instant Access

Important to note that the latest version of Logic Pro X is 10.4.3. You can find a link to Logic Pro X for Amazon here. You can more commonly find Logic Pro X on Apple’s App Store here.

Picture Provided by Apple Inc.

Picture Provided by Apple Inc.

Logic Pro X belongs to the family of world wide used DAWs. Some other familiar names you may think of for editing music are ProTools or CuBase.

DAW - Digital Audio Workstation

Official Product Description:

Provided by Apple Inc.

… “Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it’s needed. Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music.”

I hope this helps your holiday shopping. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below!

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