An Evening with Audio Engineer Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore - Recording Engineer

Based out of Long Beach city in California, Christopher Moore has been slowly earning his reputation working around town and large events as a respected sound engineer in the Long Beach area. 


His background started in 3D animation. Doing that for sometime, Moore began delving into the world of sound creation for television and film. Since then he has managed to work on bigger project films from Netflix to live sound at Disneyland. I got a wonderful opportunity to sit down with Chris and discuss some of his thoughts on the industry, what gear he uses, and what's going on with him. Moore is ProTools certified and currently working towards his degree in Recording Engineering.

What draws you to being a recording engineer?  

 ...“I've always wanted to play with sound." 

Where did you get your start in recording? 

….“Three  years of volunteering on films at California State University  Long Beach and Chapman University. After that I started going on projects under the company "MelodyGun". A sound design and audio post production house out of Orange County. My two feature length films now are  under MelodyGun.”

Where is the bulk of your work coming from right now?

…“Post production for media. In the last six months I have been working so many sound design jobs. Mostly working in Foley and occasionally live sound.” 

What is Foley? 

… “Foley is the creation of sound for visual entertainment. Emphasizing what the mic doesn't pick up on set. Foley is an art form. ( Ex. Walking on dirt sounds, breaking glass, filling a cup, clicking of a pen, pages flipping in a book)."

Are you working in your area of expertise or would you rather be working on different projects?

 … “I enjoy what i do, but I'm going to see what happens" - I love Foley and creating sound effects for movies and TV.”

 … “ I truly enjoy getting to interact with objects in creative ways - but I don't know if this is the end of the line. I'd like to do more live sound, music recording, and much more.”


What is your current rig? 

… “At the moment it is very simple.  I am running a Stienburg MK2, Audio Technica 2035 microphone recording in ProTools.” 

... "I would eventually love to get a AKG microphone 414,  AEA ribbon microphone, and a Presonus AR12."        

As a millennial - how do you see the industry changing?  

... "I think in the future - as far as sound creation - we will find new innovative ways to create a wider variety of new sounds. I think that in the sense of sound creation and songwriting a lot of software instruments, plugins, & hardware instruments will take the basic structure of the practices we use to create audio to start combining concepts and ideas that will create something that the music industry has never heard before. "    

What is the most challenging task you've had to do on the job?

... "The two projects that I'm actually working on now". - "The reason why is because both of these projects I had little to nothing to reference so I am having to use my own imagination to create sound spaces for each of these projects."

What DAW's do you have experience working with?

... "I have most experience in ProTools. I dabble in Cuebase, and I use Abelton and Logic Pro X at school."

In you opinion what are the skills needed to be good sound engineer?

... "you need to know how to listen." And you need to know most importantly, to trust yourself."

Why should musicians/production companies/clients hire you?

...  "Because I legitimately love what I do - and genuinely strive to create something unique and valuable to anyone that hears it."

 Gear you don't like...

... "Bheringer X32 live console. I didn't like cause I didn't feel like it allowed me to make adjustments on the fly."

How does someone find/hire you?

... "You can find me on instagram or contact me direct through email. I also have a facebook page and twitter account."

IMG_4540 2.JPG

... "I'm currently working out of Long Beach & Orange County. I'm really grateful for where I am right now and have had the opportunities in my life. I really owe it to the people to the people that have given me a chance to get momentum in my field. A special thanks to Kennedy Phillips out in Orange County at Melody Gun."


Upcoming projects: "I am under an nondisclosure so I can't say to much, but expect something big at the end of the year. I also have a short film being released at the end of the August 2017 (short film - Ranger Rick) for Boy Scouts of America." 

- Christopher Moore




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Written by Benjamin Jay