Business Social Media Consult *coming soon*


Business Social Media Consult *coming soon*

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What you get with a consult:

Step one.

... is filling out the forms which I will review as soon as they come in my inbox. I will review you social media handles, websites, and read your initial comments/email. I will then either email or call you (whichever is indicated) so we can set up either a virtual or in-person meeting.

Step two. 

Constructive criticism goes a long way. I will point out things I like vs don't like that you are doing to drive traffic towards your content. If you are interested in me & my team completely taking over your business social media pages that is when we can discuss pricing for that. 

*I will also offer advice on software and online tools to help drive traffic towards your business.

Step three.

This is when I can answer any and all questions you may have about my team, my personal strategies, etc. This is basically an separate (and free of charge) one - two hour meeting. I want you walking away with as much knowledge as possible to help in your online endeavors.