The Mission - Michelle Leclercq

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I am happy to announce my professional debut as a guitarist on the scene playing guitar for the Latin Pop singer Michelle Leclercq on her single "The Mission" which is available through iTunes  & Spotify . 2017 was packed, but from the looks of things, 2018 will be busy for the band. To keep updated on our shows/content feel free to sign up for my mailing list. 


This year I will be focusing a lot towards online content. On my spare time away from gigging/rehearsing I will be working on my blog and social media platforms. 



Evan Hatfield - Sitar, Synth, Saxophone, & Producer based out of Los Angeles California. You can can find his instagram here.  I was lucky enough to work with this amazingly talented artist on a sound cloud  track that you can find



Writing and my own music

I spent a large portion of later 2017 writing in preparation to finally start recording a couple of my own arrangements for 2018.  While I am very excited to tell everyone what I've been working on... I will refrain from announcing too much until recording has actually started