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Vlog Episode 4

Hey guys! Welcome to this weekend's vlog here in Los Angeles ~ today we are going music store shopping, playing some music, and I'll be giving my first impression/review on having a personal trainer in Los Angeles. Hope you like it.

Girl from ipanema Ft. Bronwen Roberts

Changing things up a bit and showing my channel a bit of my guitar playing. My name is Benjamin Jay and i'm a Los Angeles based guitarist. Shot and recorded in Long Beach, CA Mixed by audio engineer Christopher Moore from Moore Audio.

Vlog Episode 6

한인 마켓 Vlog,고기, 그리고 서울로 비행하다. Welcome to a weekend in Los Angeles with me! It is sweater weather for sure in Los Angeles so I decided to head over to a Korean market to pick up a few things... then head out on some adventures with added channel announcement at the end! Hope you enjoy it.